Our Heritage

In the 1800’s this region was known for its wine production.  From Mt. Adams and on both sides of the Ohio River, growers like Nicholas Longworth had numerous vineyards of note.  By 1860 the state of Ohio was supplying one-third of the nation’s wine; Longworth alone had 2,000 acres under vine and was producing more than 100,000 bottles annually. By all accounts, Nicholas Longworth was the father of American wine and Ohio was the epicenter of American winemaking.  So much so, that we have our own named wine growing region, The Ohio River Valley Appellation.

Today, in that same spirit, the local wine industry is making a major comeback in Ohio and Kentucky, and Seconda Volta Vineyards is part of that movement.  We grow our grapes with special care and because our vineyard is smaller we give each vine the special attention it needs to produce the very best grapes.  We make no attempt to produce mass quantities of wine.  Instead, we set high standards for quality and take our time to produce only the very best grapes and wine.